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Programs : Budget Sheet

The following listing represents the Fall Budget Sheet for *U of A Rome Center: Architecture & Design.

Fall Budget Sheet for *U of A Rome Center: Architecture & Design
Budget Item Visiting Student Applicant
U of A Program Fee *   $9,250.00
U of A Tuition *   $4,040.70
Billable subtotal:  $13,290.70
Program Application Fee   $40.00
Passport/Visa   $490.00
Airfare   $1,500.00
Additional Meals   $2,400.00
Optional Field Trips   $990.00
Local Transportation   $200.00
Books and Supplies   $250.00
Personal Expenses   $1,500.00
Lodging (included in the Program Fee)   $0.00
Health Insurance (included in the Program Fee)   $0.00
Excursions (included in the Program Fee)   $0.00
Study Abroad Fee (included in the Program Fee)   $0.00
Non-billable subtotal:  $7,370.00
Total: $20,660.70
Passport/Visa Fee: $140 new passport + $60 visa fee + $40 mailing fees + ~$250 permit of stay = $490

Visiting students pay a $40 application fee to enroll for credit at the U of A. 

Students will book their own airfare following arrival and departure guidelines from the study abroad office. Prices vary depending on point of departure & availability of travel points, etc. 

Students will select optional tour packages in the fall term before they arrive in Rome. Information and enrollment instructions will be provided. 
* Billable item